Creative logo design

First Impression

First impressions are extremely important. A brand’s first impression is made by its logo. An impressive logo not just attracts a customer but also builds the foundation of an impressive branding strategy.

Identity Design

Creating a logo is a part of identity design. In short, identity design is how your brand will look online, on products, on marketing material, in business communication etc. A logo is where it all starts. Therefore, it is very important for a brand to get a perfect logo.

Cost efficient

At Rabbixel, we have a creative team of logo designers that is exclusively committed to creating, designing and redesigning logos for brands.

Our designers know what works in a logo and what doesn’t while also respecting the deadlines. Whether it is a startup or an established business, we do creative logo design for everyone with the same passion and dedication.

Once a brand is established and the logo is stamped in customers’ minds, it is risky to change the logo. Not to mention that it is also very costly and time consuming to change your identity across the whole brand. This is why it is crucial to get the logo design right the first time.

Why give us the opportunity of designing your brand’s logo?

Being in the industry for quite some time and having first hand experience with many brands, we understand clearly that designing a logo is not a mere logo design project, it is much more than that. It is about designing an identity for a business. We have successfully created many creative, original and unique identities for businesses belonging to all kinds of industries- health, fitness, foods and beverages, cosmetics, FMCGs, e-commerce, hospitality, education, finance, entertainment, automotives, manufacturing and many more.

Additionally, we are an agency that not only provides good and effective logos, but also provides a 100% satisfactory customer support throughout the project.

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